Scion: A New Beginning

Session 02 A

Dawn Glow 1, 500

Location: The Road West from El Helai
Weather: Severe Thunderstorm
Encounter: Snake

Dawn Glow 2, 500

Location: The White Woods
Weather: Overcast
Encounter: Ven

Dawn Glow 3, 500

Location: The Road South from Illikur
Weather: Cloudy
Encounter: None

Dawn Glow 4, 500

Location: The foothills of the Northern Mountain Range
Weather: Overcast
Encounter: 2 bandits

Dawn Glow 5, 500

Location: Vardmadr Vaka
Weather: Overcast
Encounter: Claw

Dawn Glow 6, 500

Location: East of Vardmadr Vaka
Weather: Cloudy
Encounter: Yalgar?


Not sure if it was an intentional error in memory but the “assassin’s” body was Ka’Quanian, not Zagathurian.

Session 02 A

Nope, not intentional. Fixed it though. Thanks for the pointer.

Session 02 A

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