David Samuel "Dominus" Esparza

King of New Litorna


In his purely divine form Dominus stands heads above most men coming in at just under seven feet. His height is proportional to his wide frame that clearly speaks of ancient giant’s blood coarsening through his veins. This however is one of the few aesthetic differences to his mortal avatar, David Esparza.

When on the mortal plane Dominus stands at 5’ 11". In both forms he possesses tanned and weathered skin of a man accustomed to the outdoors. His hair and beard are black with random grey accents throughout. His eyes are a deep blue almost sapphire-like in quality. The quality that most amazes those who meet the king though is his well-calloused hands that reflect a first-hand knowledge of manual labor.


David Samuel Esparza was born 336 years ago to Dame Ophelia Yew, a beautiful young aristocrat of Gangaria. After several months of searching for the father among the populace of the city a young-looking handsome man by the name of Erik arrived at Ophelia’s father’s house to claim fatherhood. As it happened Erik was the god Stjarna, and had wooed the young Ophelia at one of her father’s parties. Stjarna explained that his divine responsibilities kept him from a life lived entirely at Ophelia’s side, but that he would commit himself to her when on the mortal plane. The two wed and Ophelia took the name Esparza and passed it onto her son.

David grew up knowing his divine ancestry but seldom seeing his father. He harbored no grudge, but has admitted to never growing close to his father either. Briefly, after awakening as a scion, David traveled the world to better understand the peoples and places beyond Gangaria. He settled for a time in Atigis where he briefly joined the army and learned the ways of the sword. At the age of 32 he returned to Litorna and studied law in El Helai. He took up a career as a lawyer and then later a judge in the city of Gangaria.

Twenty years passed and after the death of King Mathwwa the civil infrastructure of the Litornan Kingdom began to crumble. Seeing his beloved home in peril David spoke out to a nation with no leader, where no one had claimed a desire to lead a nation on the path to destruction. He offered to the people a chance to save their nation and return it to glory. The people agreed to let him try, seeing little he could do to worsen what King Mathwwa had done.

For the next decade King Esparza made reform after reform to the Litornan Kingdom until it hardly resembled the nation it once was. The people celebrated their King and rejoiced. However a vocal minority raised worries that King Esparza might remain King too long and become a tyrant given his long-lived nature as a scion. King Esparza agreed to allow a parliament, elected by the people to oversee his actions and to crown a new ruler when they thought the time was right.

David ruled until he was eighty, at which point, given the political climate of both the mortal world and the Overworld he abdicated his throne. David then retired to a quiet life of seclusion, living off the land. At the age of 115 he was approached by the court of King Eriesto the Second for assistance in dissolving tension with the Protaran States. After the accords of peace were signed David intended to once more retire to a solitary life in the country. On his way home something odd happened though, he found himself lost in an unfamiliar countryside ascending a long stone path into the sky. At it’s end David met with his father for the first time in over fifty years.

Stjarna explained that David’s horse had thrown him after being spooked by a snake. David stood at the crossroads of this life and the next. Stjarna explained that his work in the mortal world had earned him a place among the gods should he choose it. David agreed. On that day David was reborn as Dominus.

Of his time in the divine realms, David speaks little. But it is known that he helped expand the territory and influence of the Nyrvordr among the lesser spirits. When he returned to the mortal world he did so in answer to prayers for help from his mortal home, Litorna. In 461 P.C. Dominus agreed to assume the throne of the Litornan Kingdom, until such time as the people of either the mortal or the over world objected.

During his second rule, Dominus has married twice. Once to a son of the royal house of Jethor, a gentleman by the name of Tanher. They are soon to celebrate their twentieth anniversary together. Dominus’ second spouse Isalia, is the daughter of a merchant lord. The two were married with Tanher’s blessing in the year 492. Together Dominus and Isalia have two children, Phiora and Celeste, twin daughters seven-years old. Dominus has also taken a consort into his bed, at the invitation of his two spouses, a young florist by the name of Egwain. Five years ago they were blessed with a son, who they have named Eustace.

David Samuel "Dominus" Esparza

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