Hjördís Orella II

Empress of the Zagathurian Empire


Empress Orella II is a woman of mystery, being rarely seen by her subjects. It is known that she is young and never ventures into the public’s eye without immaculate attention to both wardrobe and makeup. As is customary in Zagathurian culture the Empress has committed to wearing the royal fashion, referred to as Ges’Rudish or The Eight Layers. Her procession and the royal palace has been described as being “heavily perfumed,” the belief being that the Empress either prefers the scent be present at all times or wears the scent herself.


Hjördís Orella was the only child of Emperor Cantor. She was named for her aunt, who was Emperor Cantor’s first wife. After Empress Orella I died in childbirth, along with the first heir, her father took the Empress’ sister as a consort. Hjördís was born in 466 P.C.. Her mother died only a few short days after Hjördís’ birth, due to complications.

Her childhood was one of seclusion being the only heir to an already aged ruler. She was educated by private tutors and brought up in the faith of the Irywat, by her father’s command. Hjördís was also taught the art of horse-back riding and took to it from an early age.

Two months after her fifteenth birthday, her father died of a stroke. One week later Hjördís was crowned Empress of the Zagathurian Empire. Since that time Empress Orella II has dedicated her rule to learning as much as she can about her nation’s people and their needs. For the most part she is considered a fair and good leader, despite her reclusive behavior.

Over the past decade the Empress has expressed an interest in the legends of scions and has reached out to both King Dominus of Litorna and Empress Ferel of Ka’Quania to learn as much as possible about them. While Dominus has done what he could to help, communication between Ka’Quania and Zagathuria continues to be as non-existent as ever.

Hjördís Orella II

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