Maedandrach Ethrim


Maedandrach has the appearance of an ancient fae but from time to time takes on certain characteristics of plantlife. His skin is sometimes barky, his hair is sometimes littered with foiliage, and his cloak will sometimes possess small patches of moss.


An ancient fae druid of some repute. His name was given to Whisper, Sita, and Cetos by Min Westerly as a contact who had personal dealings with the gods more than 300 years previous. This puts Maedandrach at an age that is well beyond a century older than most fae life expectancy.

Maedandrach sometimes travels in the company of Elluis mag Wuier, another druid.

He currently resides outside the city of Sha’tholos.

Maedandrach assisted Team A but brewing a potion which allowed them to experience their scion visitation.

He did likewise with Team B, in addition to coming to their aid against a divine Avatar.

Maedandrach Ethrim

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