Phiora & Celeste Esparza

Twin princesses of the New Litornan Kingdom


The two young girls are fraternal twins born to [[:Isalia Esparza | Queen Isalia]] and King David Esparza. Phiora is the elder by one hour and twenty three minutes and thus is set to inherit the kingdom.

Phiora prefers quiet and contemplative exercises such as reading, writing and social studies. Her favorite color is yellow. She has recently devolved a deft hand at pottery.

Celeste is more active than her sister and also more prone to over-imagination. She excels at mathematics and science but finds difficulty in mastering linguistics. Celeste’s favorite activity is archery.

Although the two look very similar, Celeste is easy to identify because she is a inch taller than Phiora and possesses a slight stutter in her speech.

The two have a single half brother – [[:Eustace Prain | Eustace]].

Both princesses have until very recently studied privately from Whisper.


Phiora & Celeste Esparza

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