Goddess of Cunning


Sharae usually assumes the form of a Sky Dancer with exaggerated animal aspects similar to a black eagle. She has been known to take the form of a black wolf Shadowstalker and as a black ewe Far Runner. She always takes the form of Beastfolk and despises the appearance of humans and fae.


The young skydancer born as Sharae Tol was brought up in the harsh environment of the Protaran north. During her formative years Sharae was indoctrinated into a beastfolk gang of racial purists who saw the destiny of their kind as sole heirs of the new world.

Her supernaturally extended age allowed her to begin laying long-term plans that would eventually blossom into the initial acts that started the First War.

After the end of the war Sharae was tried by the gods and found guilty of capital counts of “political tampering by a divine force.” Her crime was to be ongoing imprisonment within Arl, the Primordial of Creation.

Until recently she was believed to still be imprisoned there. However, after the 500-year anniversary of the world ended with a confusing explosion, certain clues prompted the gods to questioner Sharae about her possible involvement. Somehow though, Sharae and the Primordial known as Arl have disappeared.

Sharae is the lead suspect in the design of devices that replicate the mortal plane creating a multiverse.


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