Talomin Ferel

Empress of the Ka'Quanian Empire


The Ka’Quanian Empress is a fae woman early in her second century of life. She has been described as hauntingly beautiful. She is rarely seen wearing the same outfit twice and takes pride in the her vast collection of jewels. She stands at an average height of 5’ 9" and is slight of frame. Both her eyes and hair are dark brown with a hint of red.


Empress Ferel was born during the final decade of the fourth century, under the rule of Emperor Solthim X. She descends from the high house of Talomin which has contributed to the defense of the empire since its early days. Growing up she saw the Empire during a time of isolation and fear. It is easy to see this reflected in her decisions as Empress. Both she and her nation’s citizens have trouble accepting outsiders and foreign ideas.

When her predecessor, Emperor Solthim XI passed leaving no heirs the empire began splintering into factions that vied for the throne. The infighting was violent and showed the brutal face that most Ka’Quanians choose to keep hidden. Ferel’s father Rondo took an early lead during the civil war by withdrawing his supporters from the empire’s army and using them as a private militia. Ferel was personal witness to over a dozen engagements during this period. By the end of the war she had discovered an aptitude for black-powder marksmanship which she used to help secure victory in three separate battles including The Long Night’s siege.

After helping her father take the throne she served as his temporary Captain of the Guard for the days leading up to his coronation. However, during the event her father was assassinated by a member of House Colenaz. She personally captured and executed the culprit before the court moments before crowning herself Empress of the Ka’Quanian Empire.

She has since her reign’s onset seen little disturbance to her claim and in fact presided over a time of relative peace for the Empire. She has been known to take lover’s from among her empire’s people but has yet to marry or provide the Empire a direct heir to the throne.

Talomin Ferel

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