Tyvol Za

President of the Protaran States


Tyvol Za is a Shadow Stalker cougar who stands 6’ 7". He has a sleek brownish-grey coat and green eyes. Tyvol trims his whiskers and claws shorts to present a less threatening demeanor. He enjoys dressing in trendy suits.


Tyvol was born in a litter of three in 468 P.C. He was a quiet cub, spending more time watching, reading and stalking his siblings. At the age of eight he joined the Shipwrights’ Guild of Brin Gui like his sire and his grand-sire. Tyvol has gone on record stating he disliked the work’s long hours, but appreciated the character-building experience. At the age of twelve Tyvol lost both of his litter-mates to a harsh Wizen Time and subsequent flu outbreak. The medical facilities of the Protaran States were always lacking what other nations boasted, and that deficiency had stolen Tyvol’s closest family members.

From then on Tyvol strove to make a difference for the people of the Protaran States. He made it his goal to always possess something he could trade to the gangs of Brin Gui for favors. By the age of 17 Tyvol had successfully become a captain of industry in the thriving weapon’s trade.

In 487 P.C. Tyvol made a move to El Helai in hopes to expand his business. What he discovered there would significantly change the course of his life. Tyvol fell in love with the fae woman Euryale, a member of the El Helai senate. Euryale awakened a sleeping talent in Tyvol, who found that he excelled in the world of law. Tyvol had always been a charming individual and now he could use that to make changes at a national level.

The first thing that Tyvol accomplished after joining the Sweeping Hawk political party was to renegotiate the terms of El Helai’s commercial taxes established at the end of The First War to better benefit the Protaran States. With the new influx of money Tyvol found the task of becoming a public figure child’s play upon returning to Brin Gui. By the age of 28 Tyvol had positioned himself to win the next national election of the Protaran States. On the 28th day of Sky Fire 499, Tyvol was sworn in as president. Since then he has formerly asked for Euryale’s hand in marriage and they plan to be wed during the Time of Flowers next year.

Tyvol Za

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