Yalgar N'rah

On the run, and possibly an illusionist


Yalgar appears to be Zagathurian with messy blond hair and pale skin.


Sir, Salbert Zoloman met and shared drinks with Yalgar. Their discussions led to the creation of Sir Zoloman’s most recent play Impatia & Lonthir, War-Torn Lovers. It is believed that Yalgar is responsible for the designs of the ritual spell embedded within the play.

When Saoirse Coilltear, Ukaleq, and Kylar encountered who they thought was Yalgar they were tricked into believing it was an illusion.

After flying to the top of Varðmaðr Vaka Yalgar did something to alter the nature of the tower, turning it into a Terra Ingocnita. The Varðmaðr quickly disposed of the intruder exposing him to be a poorly constructed duplicate of the Primordial known as Harlan Gray. Yalgar N’rah was in fact an anagram for the Primordial’s once mortal alias.

Yalgar N'rah

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