Tag: Human


  • Sita Pallavi Sarika Aninder

    Part of what Sita does for her tribe is tend the dead, but she is more than just an undertaker. She is the type of person who likes to be there when things end. She is a shoulder to cry on after a business fails, a marriage ends, or a loved one dies. She …

  • David Samuel "Dominus" Esparza

    David Samuel Esparza was born 336 years ago to Dame Ophelia Yew, a beautiful young aristocrat of Gangaria. After several months of searching for the father among the populace of the city a young-looking handsome man by the name of Erik arrived at Ophelia' …

  • Hjördís Orella II

    Hjördís Orella was the only child of Emperor Cantor. She was named for her aunt, who was Emperor Cantor's first wife. After Empress Orella I died in childbirth, along with the first heir, her father took the Empress' sister as a consort. Hjördís was born …

  • Sir, Salbert Zoloman

    A nearly disastrous performance of Zoloman's newest play was averted by six pilgrims at the five-hundred year anniversary of the world. The play however, seems to have been scripted to act as a magical spell of unknown effect.

  • Kylar

    *Equipment:* Brass Knuckles Gladius Short Bow 10 Throwing Knives 10 Shuriken Leather Armor *Languages:* Ka'Quanian 1 more

  • Isalia Esparza

    Isalia is loved by her kingdom, not for her beauty but for her never-ending goal in bettering the lives of her people. She is the daughter of a merchant lord from Gangaria. It is clear from one meal that she bores easily of political of divine gossip …

  • Oromo Resh

    Oromo Resh has served the Litornan Kingdom for over fifty years as Head Librarian and Keeper of the Chronicles. His area of expertise lays in analysis of the metaphysical.

  • The Varðmaðr

    After disposing of [[:yalgar | Yalgar N'rah]] The Varðmaðr instructed three mortals to search the city of [[Imblum | Imblum]] for clues as to what the construct had been doing there.

  • Agatha

    Agatha was an old woman who was privvy to the prophecy that listed Team B as potential scions. She intended to trick them into imbibing a poison that would kill them. Agatha's divine form is currently in question as she retreated from the Avatar shell …

  • Marth Yngval

    *Attributes:* Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3 *Skills:* Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Control 0, Marksmanship 2, Larceny 0, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 2 Animal Ken 0, Empathy 0 …