Tag: Zagathurian


  • Cetos Kall

    |Race:|Human Mystic| |Virtue:|Imbas| |Tribe:|Zagathuria (Builders)| |Languages:|Zagathurian, Roïne, Protaran, Elven| {background:#ddd}.|*Skill*|*Specialization*| |^.Persuasion|\4.Inspiration| |^.Academics|\4.Research| |^.Science|\4.Physics| { …

  • Hjördís Orella II

    Hjördís Orella was the only child of Emperor Cantor. She was named for her aunt, who was Emperor Cantor's first wife. After Empress Orella I died in childbirth, along with the first heir, her father took the Empress' sister as a consort. Hjördís was born …

  • Sir, Salbert Zoloman

    A nearly disastrous performance of Zoloman's newest play was averted by six pilgrims at the five-hundred year anniversary of the world. The play however, seems to have been scripted to act as a magical spell of unknown effect.

  • Tethys

    In the early days of Dawn Glow 500 Tethys was responsible for delivering an ultimatum of war should the Litornan Kingdom not release [[:sir-zoloman | Sir, Salbert Zoloman]].

  • Maedandrach Ethrim

    An ancient fae druid of some repute. His name was given to [[:whisper | Whisper]], [[:sita | Sita]], and [[:cetos-kall | Cetos]] by [[:min-westerly | Min Westerly]] as a contact who had personal dealings with the gods more than 300 years previous. This …