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Scions craft things. They always have, they always will. Divine desires exceed the ability mortal society has to provide. In order to craft something a scion must first design it or find plans that detail how to build it. The first step is for the scions player to determine the Size, Durability and Complexity of the object in question.


Determine the overall size and shape of the object with help from the chart below.

Size Modifier Example
Microscopic* +20 Hair from a fly
0 +15 A finely detailed coin
1 +10 A pocket knife
2 +5 A short sword
3 +1 A shield
4 +5 A spear
5 +6 A human being
10 +11 A rhinoceros
15 +16 an elephant
20 +21 a yacht
25 +26 a tractor-trailer rig
30 +31 Douglas DC-3
35 +36 a Boeing 727
40 +41 An average house
60 +61 Small apartment building
80 +81 Factory
100 +101 Skyscraper
+1 +1
*Requires special Merits


Determine how hard the item is to injure with help from the chart below. The character must also possess a Wealth score equal to the Durability, or possess a specific example previously obtained of the material to use it.

Durability Modifier Example
0 +1 Paper
1 +5 Wood & Flesh
2 +10 Marble, Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Bone
3 +15 Iron
4 +20 Steel
5 +25 Titanium or diamond
6 +30 Mithral*
7 +35 Oricalcum*
8 +40 Adamant*
9 +45 Tartarian Alloy (Soul Steel)*
10 +50 Universal Substrate (Pure Fate, Cosmic Eggshell)*
+1 per inch of thickness +5
*Requires special Boons


Determine how complex the item with help from chart below.

Complexity Modifier Example
1) Item has no moving parts +1 An urn or a sword
2) Item has simple moving parts +5 a wheel or a crossbow
3) Item has many intricate moving parts +10 a clock or an engine
4) Item uses steam-power +15 an internal combustion engine
5) Item uses electricity or petroleum +20 a radio or a car
6) Item uses microcircuitry +25 a computer (constructs with 0 XP)
7) Item uses atomic energy +30 a nuclear submarine (constructs with 200 XP)
8) Item uses 21st century science +35 weapon-grade lasers or Ixion’s technorganic fusions (constructs with 400 XP)
9) Item consumes souls for power +40 Tesla’s Demiplane Underworld (constructs with 600 XP)
10) Item runs on ichor +45 Néos (constructs with 800 XP)
11) Item is fueled by fate +50 Clotho’s Spindle (constructs with 1000 XP)

Relic Ability (Optional)

If the item is intended to be a divine tool then add Relic dots as desired. A relic may not have more than 10 dots. Included in the chart below are example materials and abilities necessary to instill a creation with relic powers. If you do not have these material and/or abilities you may not add those relic powers to your creation.


Rating Power Material Component or Ability required
+1 Damage with this Relic Titanium Tools Innovation Boon
+1 on Attack Rolls with this Relic Titanium Tools Innovation Boon
Relic has an increased attack range equal to scion’s Legend x 15 feet Starmetal
+1 Strength Requirement to use A sample of material one Durability point higher than the objects actual Durability


Rating Power Material Component or Ability required
+ 1 Bashing / + 1 Lethal Rating. Titanium Tools Innovation Boon
-1 Strength Requirement. Titanium Tools Innovation Boon
+1 Defense. Max +0 Titanium Tools Innovation Boon
+1 Speed. Max +0 Titanium Tools Innovation Boon
•• + 1 Aggravated Rating. Titanium Tools Innovation Boon


Rating Power Material Component or Ability required
Access to a single purview One lethal damage worth of ichor from an entity with the purview in its Portfolio
Summon/Dismiss Followers or Guides A major bone (i.e. rib, femur, skull) or component (i.e. power matrix, consciousness receptor) from a progenitor of the creature’s type.
Summon/Dismiss another Relic. Both relics must carry a Lethal point of ichor from the same entity.
Replenish dead or destroyed Followers and Guides Last Will and Testament Justice Boon, signed by a progenitor of the creature’s type.
Add owner’s Legend to any single (Attribute + Skill) roll Meddlesome Fates Magic Boon
Once per day you may reroll as if using Legend. Do not use Legend or Fatebind when activating this ability. A perception-processing organ from an entity with Prophecy in its Portfolio.
Reduce penalty to -1 for a multiple action using this relic. Ligaments or sinew from an entity with Dexterity in its Portfolio.
-1 Complexity for fueling purposes. Does not change Crafting cost. The heart from an entity with Fire in its Portfolio.
Infinite ammunition The heart from an entity with Innovation in its Portfolio.
Owner may change appearance of item, at will, to that of a single similarly sized item. Item only appears as other item, still exists as original object. The eye from an entity with Illusion in its Porfolio.
•• Add owner’s Legend to any single Skill roll Meddlesome Fates Magic Boon
•• Relic restores its Structure points once per day Avoid a Fate Magic Boon
•• Relic may be used by Ghosts or Spirits Ectoplasmic residue from a destroyed soul
•• Relic is forgotten by all except owner after a scene in which it is used. An empty vessel of memory.
••• Add owner’s Legend to any single Attribute roll Meddlesome Fates Magic Boon
••• Owner may use Blood or Ichor to fuel purviews through this Relic. 1 Lethal Damage = 1 Legend. A sliver from a place of worship visited by the entity who is worshiped there.
••• Allows communication through a particular medium at a range of scion’s Legend x 5 miles. Five dots in a purview tied most closely to the medium.
•••• Acts as compass to nearest type of Axis Mundi A sliver of the corresponding Axis Mundi
••••• Open a portal into either Twilight, the Spirit Realm, or the Mortal Plane. Choose one when purchasing this ability. An expendable piece of Tartarian Alloy.
••••• The relic’s spirit may act through the object. Bind Spirit Magic Boon, and a willing spirit of a dying object.
••••• The relic possesses a soul. Bind Soul Death Boon, and a willing soul or soul material.


Rating Power Material Component or Ability required
Rating of Boon Mimic the effects of a single Boon A life-sustaining piece of biology from a being with a template associated with the Boon’s Purview. The Creature must have a Legend rating of twice to Boon’s rating.
1 – 10 dots Owner may store Willpower within device for later use. For 2 Willpower, 1 Willpower may be stored to a maximum equal to the dots purchased for this ability. Ichor from the bleeding wound of a god. Reminder gods don’t bleed.
1 – 10 dots Owner may store Legend Points within device for later use. For 2 Legend points, 1 Legend point may be stored to a maximum equal to the dots purchased for this ability multiplied by 5. The physical memory of a scion’s usage of Legend.
1 – 10 dots Owner gains the benefits (and penalties) of having bonus dots in a chosen virtue. For every 2 dots spent on this ability the Relic provided a single dot of a chosen Virtue. A memento of an entity who died during virtue extremity in the chosen virtue.

Now that you’ve built your theoretical device, calculate the Difficulty of completing the project with the formula below:

((Size + Durability + Complexity) x (Relic Dots + 1))) = Difficulty

Any individual who wants to begin drafting the designs for his creation or creating their item must dedicate at least 8 hours of work each day over the course of a week.

With this in mind, a scion is ready to begin drafting blueprints for their item.

Step 1 – Design:
Skip this step if you are crafting something that you have already crafted or if it is a commonplace object.
This is an extended (Intelligence + Academics) roll for items based on pre-existing items.
This is an extended (Intelligence + Science) roll for items that are theoretical in nature.

After the design process has been accomplished the scion may begin crafting the item itself.

Step 2 – Creation:
This is an extended (Dexterity + Craft) roll for inventions of practical use.

If a single roll produces more successes than the Difficulty requires, then divide the time spent crafting in half. Do this every time the roll produces an additional multiple of the Difficulty. i.e. If the difficulty for an item is 6 and the scion rolls 21 successes then the item is created in 1 day

5 days 2 days 1 day 12 hrs 6 hrs 3 hrs 1 hour 30 mins 15 mins 7 mins 3 mins 1 min 6 rounds 3 rounds 1 round


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