Might Majesty Research
2 3 3
Expansion Economy Espionage
2 2 2
Stability Culture Faith
3 3 4

Population: 15, 832 (Human 70%, Beastfolk 19%, Fae 11%)
Major Pantheons Worshiped: Nyrvordr, Les Enfants Heureux, Nuadh Tuath
Domestic Products: Salt, Fruit, Gems, Gold
Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Capital City – Ruled by God-King Dominus

Life & Society

Life in Gangaria is peaceful, much as it is in all Litornan communities. That is not to say that there is not unrest or crime, but Litornan communities tend towards desiring peacefully cohabitation. Old Gangaria was carved into the side of the Origin Mountain range. As mining into the mountain became progressively more difficult New Gangaria sprung up at the foot of the city as a quicker solution to the cities expanding population. Although not the first city of the New World Gangaria does boast an impressive proximity to the Cradle of Civilization embedded deep within the root of the Origin Mountains.

Gangarian society is divided by the view of the ethical presumption that the old gods intended mortals to do no harm to each other. Litornan law states that willing aggression be the highest crime of the land, and with it follows the punishment of exile. However, the freedom to speak openly about one’s feelings, to congregate in masses and to worship the gods you choose is also a central doctrine of Litornan law. As a result there are very vocal masses who routinely speak out in support of violent aggression, seeing Old Litornan law as obsolete. Therefore, the population of Gangaria identifies as either traditionalists, peace-keepers or activists, who support a governmental reform.

Major Organizations

Gangarian Free Trade Commission
The original free-market traders who first took it upon themselves to promote trade between different cities and then different countries first called Gangaria home. For over 300 years the Free Trade Commission has been centralized within the city of Gangaria overseeing trade routes, foreign tariffs and market prices. In recent years that has been outspoken movement against the commission to dissolve into smaller companies because of their monopoly over international trade.

The Trans-pantheon Clergy
The clergy was founded in the year 212 P.C. along with the law to allow the building of all-faith churches within Gangaria. Its members are clergy from separate pantheon-centric worship centers who undergo special training and renounce pantheon-centric worship in lieu of a new life dedicated toward peace between the gods and their people. There are currently five all-faith churches within Gangaria that house over one hundred trans-pantheon priests.
The clergy rotates staff between church service and mission work on an annual cycle. Those who undertake mission work walk the world promoting unity and thanksgiving to the gods.

The Litornan Pro-War Council
The activist community within Gangaria is led by the Pro-War Council which stages protests and carefully timed mobs to disrupt the civil gatherings of the Kingdom. Thus far God-King Dominus has tolerated their actions citing freedom of speech as their right. However, their actions grow bolder and more dangerous with each passing year. Dominus knows that there will come a time in the not-so-distant future where something will have to be done. The Council pushes everyday hoping that the push back will prove the impossibility of eternal peace.

An Garda Command & Academy
Trained in dissolving situations that threaten the public welfare, the An Garda serve as a constabulary that is hired by every major city across the continent. They act as far more than rent-a-cops but refuse to escalate the organization’s methods to a point that would consider them a private army. In Gangaria they have found a home that will not pressure them to act as a standing army in defense of the city. Initiates are welcome to apply for entry to the academy at any time during the year.

Major Geographical Features

The Twilight Gallery
During the event of The Folding of 224 P.C. thirty-seven blocks of Old Gangaria were breached by ghosts and other beings who reside within Twilight. Because of the anti-aggression laws of Gangaria that part of the city was deemed uninhabitable and closed down. Clever scions soon designed an holding cage that acts as a miniature, artificial Terra Incognita that restrains the ghosts and keeps the city’s population safe. From time-to-time, with special permission, God-King Dominus has allowed access to the gallery to researchers and scions seeking entry in Twilight.

The Tunnels of Time
After the attack of 122 P.C. by a rogue Typhonian earthworm, a series of tunnels were exposed leading from within the royal wing of Gangarian Castle to the heart of the Origin Mountains. The tunnels winds for over fifty miles, uphill and down but eventually exit into the Cradle of Civilization. Since it’s discovery the tunnels have been guarded by divine spirits sent from the overworlds. When mortals travel these tunnels they experience slippages of time and often grow younger when headed from Gangaria into the cradle and older when exiting via the same route.

Zapthik pel Orian
The largest of the all-faith churches rises an impressive two-hundred and fifty-one feet above the rooftops of the new city. It was built originally as a temple to the Nyrvordr who ceded it to the cause of peace between the pantheons. It is a marvel to behold and pilgrims have traveled there from across the world every year dating back to it’s expansion in 212 P.C.

Thunder Falls
The natural caverns of the city’s mountain interior were originally carved out by natural snow deposits melting atop the Origin Mountains and winding down to the valleys below. Those same rivers continue to crash off the edges of the mountain only a few miles outside the city of Gangaria. They are so loud that to stand within their presence is said to easily deafen a mortal. The waterfall deposits it’s flow into subterranean aquifers beneath the city of Gangaria.


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