Might Majesty Research
2 2 2
Expansion Economy Espionage
2 1 2
Stability Culture Faith
1 2 2

Population: 23, 587 (Human 64%, Beastfolk 18%, Fae 17%, Undine 1%)
Major Pantheons Worshiped: Irywat, Nuadh Tuath, Nyrvordr
Domestic Products: Wheat, Fruit, Salt
Government: Oligarchy – Appointed, Count Marth Yngval

Life & Society

Illikur began as a small farming community that found fertile soil sandwiched between the foothills of the Northern Mountains and the ocean. The city has grown steadily over it’s lifetime and has become a vast community of disparate souls. Farming remains the numbe one source of income for the people of Illikur, followed closely by salt mining. A small ship-yard exists outside of Illikur, owned independently from the crown.

The people of Illikur come from all different backgrounds. It it one of only to cities in the world where all the races come together as one. While Illikur is loyal to the Empire it’s views of the laws passed in Ob are usually lax and removed. Illikur is thus a melting pot of immigrant who trickled into the city during the First War (despite the Ka’Quania’s closed borders.) There is little is any separation in class among the people of Illikur. Approximately two percent of the city enjoys luxuries shipped from remote locals, usually because of imperial family ties or land ownership. The other ninety-eight percent are considered by world estimates to live just at or under the poverty line, living off the crops they crow and using a primarily barter-based system for their economy.

Major Organizations

The Sentinels
The Sentinels were first established during the days of the First War as a means to dissuade foreign powers from using Ka’Quanian land for resources and travel. The most elite soldiers within the Ka’Quanian military were dubbed “Sentinels” and posted in remote locations of the White Woods. They were commanded to remain there until recovered by Ka’Quanian Operatives and kill anyone they deemed a “liability to our war efforts.” During the war sentinels became the boogeymen of the north, never being seen directly but clearly responsible for countless missing soldiers. It is rumored that to this day some few sentinels remain unrecovered in the deep north still awaiting extraction.

The Undine Consulate
The Ka’Quanian Empire has begun initial peace talks with the free city of Neatis, home of the Undine. To this end they have created an aquatic consulate for the mer, lo am and qua to use during their stay in the city. The consulate was built from Illikur’s old port district, long left in disrepair. Although the Undine continue to request nicer accommodations the Ka’Quanians have yet to find funding in their budget to meet those demands.

Those Who Stand in the Light
The threat of undeath looms large in the eyes of those few who stand in the light. Untethered souls, reanimated bodies and wretches afflicted by the scourge of vampirism are all real threats that have been witnessed and recognized as historical events in ancient Ka’Quanian records. Those Who Stand in the Light is a cult of mortals dedicated to ferretting out and destroying the undead who threaten the continuation of cultured society.

Major Geographical Features

The Imperial Lotus Gardens
Outside the count’s mansion is a pond four acres in size that houses wooden walk ways to observe the pristine beauty of the Imperial Lotus Gardens. The gardens were first commissioned in 232 P.C. by Emperor Solthim as a wedding gift to his first wife, a botanist from Illikur. The garden now serve as a botanical preserve open to the public. The Undine who visit the city find the preserve a particular wonder having little if any contact with fresh water and it’s plant life.

The Thel Ravid Museum of Strange Places
A modest estate house once owned by the late Thel Ravid has been converted into a museum to pay homage to his feats of cartography performed in service to the crown. The museum itself is slit into two halfs. One half pays homage to Thel’s first voyage which circumnavigated the known world and filled with early maps charted by the crew. The second half of the museum highlights the many voyages Thel sailed afterwards to explore the deep ocean in search of new lands. Thel and the crew of his sixth voyage never returned. Many believe the expedition was lost off the edge of the world, which many sailors since have confirmed exists.

The White Woods
The forests of the world are for a greater percentage temperate biomes. The White Woods however are the northernmost and highest elevated stretch of continuous arboreal wilds in the known world. Two-thirds of the year snow causes the forests to appear white, thus their name. The woods themselves are made up primarily of coniferous firs that cause the hills beyond Illikur to smell distinctly piney.


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