Irywat Powers


Five-Fold Being

The Irywat possess an existence akin to other scions; a perfect fusion of soul, spirit, and body – what they refer to as Ka, Ba and Ib. When a normal scion’s soul or spirit enters Twilight or the Spirit World their body is dragged along with them. To the Irywat though, one may extend a portion of their existence into the next world for a short duration without repercussion.

Cost: 1 Legend
Action: 1-hour of Meditation
Duration: Days equal to the scion’s Legend Score
By entering Twilight the scion extends his Ka into the Underworld using the value of his Ren (name) as a tether to the mortal world. Likewise, the scion may extend his Ba into the Spirit World using his Sheut (shadow) as a tether to his corporeal existence. During this time the scion may shift their conscious mind between their mortal body and their plane-travelling counterpart as a move action. This power functions for a number of days equal to the scion’s Legend score. After which time the scion’s Ka and Ba are forced back into the mortal shell.

Should the scion’s soul (ka) be destroyed during this event then the scion begins suffering from soul loss. They begin losing their Virtues at a rate of one dot per day. After their Virtues have been extinguished their Willpower begins fading at a rate of one dot per day. Once his Willpower dots drop to zero, the soulless one becomes practically catatonic, shuffling through life by force of habit, if at all. He may wander the streets mumbling to himself, challenged to put together coherent sentences.

Should the scion’s spirit (ba) be destroyed during this event then the scion begins suffering from spirit loss. Their link to the ethereal, limitless nature of the universe begins to fade. The scion’s Legend Score begins waning at a rate of one dot per day. When a scion’s Legend Score becomes zero they return to mortal state, unable to feel or acknowledge the glow of their once mythical nature. The realms Supernal are forever barred to them and all Legendary powers that take place in their vicinity are viewed as happenstance or explained away by science.

The correct powers and rites must still be observed to travel between the planes, and the Irywat scion may always choose to fully enter the other world. This power however allows them to see to pressing engagements in more than a single world.

Irywat Powers

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