Les Enfant Heureux Power


Wish Granter

The “Children of Joy” have dedicated their lives to teaching humanity in a unique fashion. They grant others their deepest desires, and fulfill as many prayers as they are able. Each wish that is granted originates from the scion’s own abilities and is intended to teach the recipient a lesson; be happy with what you already possess – or else.

Cost: 1 Legend + Activation Cost of granted ability, 1 Willpower to recall the power
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
With this power a scion of Les Enfants Heureux gives over, to a willing recipient, her own abilities. The scion selects a Boon or Merit to grant the target, pays for, and activates the ability by rolling the requisite dice then temporarily passes usage of the ability to the individual. The target then gains usage of the ability for its normal duration.

After the normal duration expires the target loses any benefit granted by the scion and becomes cursed for an equal duration of time. The curse levied is equal to the scion’s original activation roll and affects all rolls made with the Attribute and/or Skill associated with the ability (even if a boon was activated without the benefit of a Mantle die pool).

During the first 24 hours, while the target is in possession of divine abilities, the scion is without the usage of that same ability. However, once the target enters the second phase of this power and loses all benefits of granted abilities, the scion regains the usage of said ability.

The scion may pass on the usage of a number of abilities equal to their Legend Score. When granting Merits, the target must possess all prerequisite tiers of a Merit to be eligible for higher tiers.

This power may never be granted to others.

Les Enfant Heureux Power

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