Below are a number of terms that a player should be familiar with when playing Scion: A New Beginning.

Normal humans achieve success on a die roll of 8,9 or 10. Scions bend the laws of nature, making success easier to achieve. Any die roll after a scion’s visitation counts 7s as a success as well.

When any player rolls a 9 on any die, they achieve a success and must roll the die again as if it were part of the original die-roll. Any new successes are added to the success pool. If a 9 is rolled again continue the process.

When any player rolls a 10 on any die, they achieve a success and must roll the die again as if it were part of the original die-roll. Any new successes are added to the success pool. If a 10 is rolled again continue the process.

The act of divine change within an individual, transforming them from one state of being into the next. Below is a chart of the transformations a divine entity undergoes.

Title Process New Abilities
0 Mortal Birth 10-again, Virtues
1-4 Hero Visitation 7-as-a-success, Birthrights, Epic Attributes, Legend, Mantle
5-8 Demigod Synthesis Ichorial-essence, Internalization
9-12 God Ascension Spirit Form, True Divinity
13-16 Titan Evolution Inherent Template, Titanic Attributes, Universal Reflection, Weakness of Perfection
17-20 Primordial Enlightenment Becoming, Formless Reach, Total Control

When a demigod’s essence is pure enough and the time is right, the individual sheds their need of a corporeal form and transitions into a being of pure spiritual energy. The demigod becomes a god.

To create a Birthright, a relic, guide, follower or creature becomes forever fate and soul-bound to the scion. While others may use or even steal Birthrights, the scion will forever be bound in some way to it. If a scion undergoes ascension and becomes a god they may call their birthrights into their presence with only a thought.

Titans who are enlightened with Universal Truth expand their consciousness beyond the need of a corporeal or even spiritual form. They exist without existing.

When a scion becomes experienced and powerful enough they undergo Synthesis, a process by which their blood, muscles and bones are all enhanced. They spark of divinity ignites in a fire that encourages the ichor within to manifest more predominately and transform the scion into demigod. Demigods possess a Legend rating of 5-8.

The process by which a titan transforms into a primordial, the ruling concepts of the Universe.

Epic Attributes
One the ichor in a prospective scion’s blood is awakened they find that they are able to perform actions beyond the scope of human imagining. Whenever a die roll includes an attribute the successes rolled are increased by 5 for each dot of epic attribute the scion has.

A god may, as they become stronger open themselves to a force that invites them to take part in a greater pursuit. Afterwards the god becomes a titan and is blessed and burdened with the responsibilities of meeting the Universe’s needs.

Formless Reach
A primordial entity is without corporeal or spiritual form, but still has the ability to manipulate both worlds as if they did. A primordial is considered “present” at any location they wish to be within their titan-realm. Shifting their consciousness elsewhere is a one-turn movement action. A primordial may use any ability it possesses within a range equal to (Wits x Legend) miles.

Any entity who has undergone Ascension and become a being of pure spiritual energy. Gods possess a Legend rating of 9-12.

A scion who has just started down the path towards godhood via a Visitation. Heroes have a Legend rating of 1 through 4.

When demigods undergo synthesis their blood gives way to a greater essence. As a result of being fueled primarily by ichor a demigod gain two benefits. The first is that they cease bleeding. Ichor is simply too robust and mandatory to the demigod’s system. All wounds that would normally bleed clot within one round. The second benefit is that demigods are able to literally transcend the physical limitations a human body is restrained to. Any ability with a dot rating may now rise above the five-dot limit that humans are burdened with.

Inherent Template
Titans become something more when they evolve. Their ichor undergoes a transformation that in turn changes the once-scion. Each primordial grants its servitors with extra powers and abilities that stem from the connection between them.
In addition, the titan become completely immune to all powers derived from the purview their primordial sponsor oversees.

Demigods who are without their Birthright Relics are still able to channel certain purviews because of the ties between themselves and their parental portfolio. Any purview considered “inherited” may be channeled without a relic as if the demigod had one less dot in the rating.

Upon the visitation a newly realized scion earns their first point of permanent Legend. It stand as a measure of an entity’s power and experience. Legend begins at 1 and caps out at 20. Any creature with a Legend score also has Legend points that may be spent to fuel their merits and boon. Creatures with Legend scores have a maximum Legend Point pool equal to the square of their Legend score; i.e. a Legend 4 creature has a maximum Legend pool rating of 16.
Legend may also be used as a tool of Legendary effort allowing scions to re-roll scores that they feel under-perform their divine standard.

As aspect of the scion’s spirit that forever ties them into the powers of the Universe.

An entity with corporeal existence and a soul. The entity has no traces of ichor within their system.

When a titan’s power and defining concept become so large that they overshadow their sponsor’s mission a titan’s mind is open to the infinite possibilities of a new concept. The Universe if forever changed by the birth of a primordial, and a primordial has never been known to die. The primordials are beyond the understanding of other entities as their perspective transcends time, space and fate. Primordials possess a Legend rating of 17-20.

Any creature who inherits the spark of divinity from a creature of Legend. Players take the roll of scions.

Spirit Form
When a demigod ascends into godhood they shed their need for a permanent corporeal existence. Their soul and their spirit fuse into a single concept that maintains their consciousness. While they exist in this form they inhabit the spirit realm, where all divine real-estate is established.
A god may, with the use of an Avatar Birthright, build a corporeal shell to inhabit and once more interact with the mortal realm.

The process by which a scion transforms into a demigod.

When a god grows powerful enough they begin to hear the whispers of a greater force at work behind the scenes. Should they willingly undergo the transformation of Evolution, the god will open their mind and spirit to another force that gifts them with the power to rule over conceptual forces of the cosmos. Titans crest against unchangeable barriers the Universe has always had, causing the Titan untold grief as they struggle with human constructs like Virtues. Titans possess a Legend rating of 13-16.

Titanic Attributes
Creatures who have opened their spirits to the Universe find that their Attributes, Skills and Epic Attributes have become like the Universe, infinite in nature and possibility. The capstone of 10 no longer applies to a Titan or Primordial.

True Divinity
A god has at it’s disposal a number of powers and abilities that other creatures simply do not. They are the only creatures that may make use of the Hear Prayers Wits merit. They are also the only creatures able to manipulate divine real-estate into Sanctum Birthrights or build Avatar Birthrights.

Total Control
A primordial is by its very nature a pure concept of a Universal Truth. Should any creature attempt to use a power that derives from the purview most closely tied to its existence – the primordial entity may pay a matching Legend Point cost and prevent it from happening. This can only happen within a primodial’s sphere of influence.

Universal Reflection
As a titan, your existence’s ties to the primordial you serve are reflected through your health, attitude and life force and effect the Mortal Realm. Your life and subsequently death are tied into the well-being of the concept you administer. Should anything happen to you an equal reaction ripples across the Mortal World within your concept. If you die your concept disappears or rages out of control on the Mortal plane.

All creatures have within them the ability to channel the idealistic ideals of divinity. From birth mortals are limited to ever being able to truly grasp only the nature of a single virtue. With the expansion of consciousness that comes from a visitation a scion’s mind and soul are opened to the possibilities evident in these ideals and are able to begin practicing any or even all of the known virtues.
However, virtues are double-edged swords. Whenever a virtue is channeled or used to determine the proper coarse of action for a creature (even a mortal), the possibility of Virtue Extremity looms large. Should more successes be rolled than the character has current Willpower points then the character enters Virtue Extremity. Virtue Extremity is discussed more on the Virtues page.

A prospective scion is visited by either their divine parent or an ambassador of their parent who explains the prospective scion’s divine lineage. The parent or ambassador gifts Birthrights to the mortal that awakens the spark of divinity within the new scion.

Weakness of Perfection
Titans take the concept of divinity and work tirelessly on the act of perfecting it. Just as they gained powers in the form of a template from their primodial sponsor, so too are they barred from ever using certain purviews. The primordial erases all knowledge of those purview’s from the titan’s mind (returning any XP spent) as a way of protecting itself. A side-effect of the process make the new titan vulnerable to those concepts. All damage done from sources of the titan’s new vulnerability are considered penetrating. All contested rolls made against elements the titan is vulnerable are made with a die pool of half the size it would normally be.


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