Nuadh Tuath Power


Aura of the Worthy

The Nuadh Tuath are masters of talent, surpassing even other scions. Worshipers, followers and friends discover that they too seem blessed with adroitness when in the scion’s presence. The Nuadh Tuath accomplish this through maintaining the guidelines of a geas (a strict regimen of restriction and avoidance), finding greater power through self control and awareness. However, the power works two-ways, should the scion befall temptation or be caught unawares their worthiness turns foul. Both the scion and those in his presence become cursed to suffer hardship when performing the once-lauded skills. This continues until the scion finds redemption for their mistake.

Cost: None
Action: None
Duration: Lasting
At Legend levels 1, 5, and 9 the scion must choose a skill in which to excel. From that point forward the scion and all allies within 100 feet gain a die bonus equal to the scion’s Legend Score when using one of the chosen skills.
To maintain this constant bonus for themselves (and those around them) the scion must also choose and adhere by a geas from the list below. Each new skill chosen is partnered with a restriction. The scion may not choose two identical geasa.
So long as the scion adheres to their geas, they benefit from the static bonus. However, if the scion breaks their geas they and all allies within 100 feet suffer a die penalty equal to the scion’s Legend Score. The scion remains a blight to themselves and those around them until they meet the requirement for atonement listed in with the geasa below.


Beast: The scion must not allow an animal they are aware of to suffer or die for reasons beyond old age. Atonement can be accomplished by seeking out an intelligent version of the same animal to give him such a quest.

Creation: The hero bound by the creation geas must build and create something new and original, never seen by mortal eyes. The scion must work toward completing a design of their own creation at least one day out of every week. The geas is broken once the artist stops producing within said time period. Atonement comes when the geas-bearer completes the project, and then works through designing a new creation.

Desire: Those bound by the geas of desire must never rein in their great wants. They must pursue those they find comely, indulge in the tastiest foods and robe in the trendiest garments. Those bound by the geas of desire break the geas by failing to indulge in their divine appetites. Atoning may only be accomplished by attaining an even rarer or more spectacular object of interest.

Dinsenchas: The scion must meditate on the power of a given location while present there. They must spend at least one day out of every week dedicated to this task. Atonement is achieved by spending an entire week in meditation at the location.

Duty: The scion must perform a given duty, task or ceremony at least once a week. Atonement is achieved by performing the given task in ritual each day for a week.

Exile: The scion is not permitted within the boundaries of a particularly common local; i.e. bars, churches, domiciles. To atone one must sit in vigil just beyond the threshold of the local for a period of one week.

Fealty: The scion must do as they are told be their superiors. Local leaders and elders who make requests of the hero must have their task performed, no matter how arduous or unbecoming the task. To atone, one must work in service to those offended for the duration of a week. Other tasks may be undertaken, but the offended must not have their desires left wanting, else the geas remains broken.

Food: The scion is forbidden from eating a certain type of food chosen by the scion. Giving up the chosen food should represent a sacrifice of some kind. Atonement, is achieved by accomplishing a quest set forth by the spirit of the animal or plant consumed.

Forbiddance: The scion is forbidden from touching a particularly common substance (i.e. iron, water, corpses) or type of person (i.e. women, children, the elderly.) The only known atonement is to abstain from contact with the given people or things for the duration of one month. Afterward the geas is restored.

Guest: The scion must show gratitude of a host’s generosity by accepting it when food, drink or shelter is offered. The hero may atone by proving they do not take the generosity of others for granted: for at least one week.
They may not eat, drink or sleep in any bed that is not given to them by another.

Handfast: Those bound by the handfast-geas become committed in mind, body and soul to a pledge of fidelity with another. The hero atones by admitting his wrong-doing to his beloved and asking him or her for a task to fulfill that proves his repentance. If his beloved refuses forgiveness he may not atone until he has found another to love and remained completely faithful with them for a year and a day.

Hero: The one bound by the hero’s geas must defend those of a lower Legend and younger or older age. Refusing to do so breaks the geas, and atonement is only achieved once he has saved someone of lower Legend or younger/older age from harm. (Age difference is determined by Age Category.)

Hospitality: Those bound by the geas of hospitality must offer others food, water and respite when they are in need or when asked. Refusing to offer hospitality to those in need, allowing a guest to go hungry or to rest in anything less than the best comfort he has to offer all break the geas. The scion may atone by hosting a guest in posh comfort for a week.

Life: The scion must not physically harm any living being and is bound to heal those that request aid. They may also not leave an enemy to die from inattention or the elements. To atone the scion must remain in prayer to their divine parent for one week, abandoning all else to seek forgiveness.

Sword: Those bound by the sword-geas must challenge others to duels in order to measure their skills against others constantly; any time the geas-bound encounters someone they’ve not tested in battle, she must invite them to at least spar to discover this. Failing to challenge anyone for a week breaks the geas, and you may only atone by seeking out one opponent per dot of your Legend Score and defeating them in a duel.

Trickster: Those bound by this geas must always seek a way to humiliate the proud and the arrogant. This humiliation must be in scale to the pride and power of the victim in question (and of course, should never end in his death — the dead learn their lessons too late to benefit from them). This geas is broken when the geas-bound suffers a fool to be arrogant without retribution; generally speaking, he must at least begin putting plans into motion within the scene. One may atone when the hero pulls a truly inspired and degrading piece of humiliation on a genuinely deserving bastard.

Nuadh Tuath Power

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