The Races


humans.jpgHumans are considered the “children of fate” due to their close association with the world of the divine. Stories speak of unenlightened creatures in the distant past that were blessed by the Ever-Changing Goddess of Fate, turning them into the humans the new world.

Initiates: Strange folk full of eccentric desires and behaviors. Initiates are privy to rules that govern the world outside of what others can perceive. They are usually aloof, quiet or detached. Those who do not live by themselves are usually distant from their relations. Initiates start with an additional dot in the Mystery Purview. When Initiates channel the first dot of the Mystery purview they do not require a Relic to do so.

Seers: Timid individuals who are adored and feared alike because of their moods. Seers overflow with emotion, both good and bad. Sometimes they are labeled manic or disturbed. They believe in constant vigilance against what is yet to come, giving the air of anxiety or pessimism. Seers start with an additional dot in the Prophecy Purview. When Seers channel the first dot of the Prophecy purview they do not require a Relic to do so.

Mystics: Magicians who feel the ebb and flow of Fate all around themselves. They are often wizened or salt-of-the-earth individuals who are hard workers and stubborn. It is unusual that they give something for nothing, preferring instead to trade favors or have someone in their debt. Mystics start with an additional dot in the Magic Purview. When Mystics channel the first dot of the Magic purview they do not require a Relic to do so.


elves.jpgIn this new world the “children of eternity” trace at least part of their ancestry (at least 1/32nd) back to the aes sídhe of the dead world. While the bloodline has thinned many aspects of the aes sídhe survive in lesser forms; beauty and grace are prevalent attributes, all fae exhibit extended lifetimes compared to humans, and iron still causes allergies and rashes.

Silverkin: Beings of intense beauty and poise. Silverkin are haunting individuals who remain stoic in the face of adversity, never hinting at the sea of emotions that lies beneath their fierce exterior. They are powerful allies to befriend but cunning and deceptive adversaries to cross. Silverkin start with an additional dot in Presence, and an additional dot in Subterfuge. Silverkin also gain a third Merit dot at character creation that must be spent on a social merit.

Granite Bones: Fierce and thuggish fae who take after the less comely subraces of the unseelie. Granite-Bone fae are not necessarily ugly, just less full of the charm and alacrity that other fae exude. Their skin is sometimes rough to the touch and their eyes burn with hues of the earth’s deep fires. Granite Bone Fae start with an additional dot in Stamina, and an additional dot in Brawl. Granite-Bone fae also gain a third Merit dot at character creation that must be spent on a physical merit.

Old Souls: Wise and sagely fae who see the world as a series of lessons to be learned and remembered. Old Souls are those individuals who do not run head-long into danger without first knowing the full story. They are careful and persistent in their search for answers, only giving an inch to gain two. Old Soul Fae start with an additional dot in Intelligence, and an additional dot in Academics. Old Souls also gain a third Merit dot at character creation that must be spent on a mental merit.


beastfolk.jpgThe gods promoted tolerance and an exchange of knowledge between the mortal races and the animals that roamed the earth. As a result new breeds arose as a hybrid of these exchanges. Beastfolk are humanoid creatures with characteristics of their animal ancestors. Most beastfolk remain denizens of the wild, but some few have come to live within the bounds of civilization. Beastfolk are often viewed with suspicion or intolerance due to their part in the The First War.

Far Runner: Sleek, diminutive and otherwise smaller individuals with the features of non-confrontational animals. Far-Runner Beastfolk exhibit features of rabbits, rodents, deer and other lesser ungulates. They are often found in close-knit societies of other Far Runners or citizens of large interwoven communities of all races. While more skittish by nature many Far Runners are amazingly dependable individuals with brilliant minds and suprising imaginations. Far Runners start with -1 Size, an additional dot in the Athletics skill, and two additional dots in the Survival skill. Far Runners also gain the first tier of the Dexterity merit, Lightning Sprinter.

Shadow Stalker: Keen hunters with frightening countenances. Shadow Stalkers are Beastfolk who descend from predators and carnivores. They often exhibit features akin to wolves, lions, bears or crocodiles. Despite their large forms Shadow Stalkers move with surprising stealth when they wish to. They usually prefer to have fewer acquaintances but are faithful and dependable to those they befriend. Shadow Stalkers start with +1 Size, and an additional dot in the Stealth skill. Shadow Stalkers also gain the first tier of the Presence merit, Horrifying Presence.

Sky Dancer: Fierce and intense individuals with astoundingly fluid grace. Sky-Dancer Beastfolk exhibit characteristics of birds, usually sparse plumage, large eyes or sharp features. Sky Dancers are the least social of the Beastfolk, preferring the company of their own kind or none at all. They were major perpetrators of the First War and the most likely to be bigots and xenophobes. Sky Dancers are always able to use the Sky’s Grace boon from the Sky purview as if it were part of their Mantle, in addition it never costs a Sky Dancer the requisite Legend to use Sky’s Grace. Sky Dancers also gain an additional dot in the Investigation skill.


undine.jpgThe undine are the best kept secret of the world. Distantly related to the other races and removed from them geographically, the undine have developed their own culture, history and language quite apart from the rest of the world. The undine are limited by their biological need of water and thus are usually found in coast-land cities or within the deep underwater city of Neatis. So rare is their existence on land that some still believe their existence to be fantasy.

All Undine are able to use the Water Breathing boon from the Water purview as if it were part of their Mantle, and never pay Legend to activate it. However, they are unable to process Oxygen from a non-fluid environment without assistance and begin “drowning” without access to water. In addition, undine suffer no penalty for actions taken under water, but instead suffer an equal penalty out of water as terrestrial animals do while submerged.

Mer: Curious and cautious individuals who resemble scaled humans and fey. Mer are communal and often trade with the creatures of the land but are often seen as outsiders because of their timid ways. In truth, mer are simply more alarmed at the intensity of the dry world’s loud noises and bright colors as opposed to the muted stillness of the ocean’s depths. Mer possess the unique ability to shift between creatures of the water and creatures of the sea. They are always able to use the Zephyr’s Embrace boon from the Sky purview as if it were part of their Mantle, in addition it never costs a Mer the requisite Legend to use Zephyr’s Embrace. Mer also gain an additional dot in the Stealth skill.

Lo Am: Bizarre entities who hail from the regions of the ocean that border the deep abyss. They most often resemble bipedal crabs or lobsters with retractable armor-like plating. The Lo Am (although strange by almost any standard) are usually calm and reserved individuals who prefer to watch instead of interact with other creatures, sometimes becoming violent when their “personal space” is invaded. The armor a Lo Am possess from birth hardens as they age giving them an additional layer of Bashing and Lethal Soak equal to their Legend Score plus one tenth their age. This additional soak is added to both natural soak as well as any armor worn.

Qua: An alien race from the deepest chasms of the ocean’s abyss. They claim divine lineage from the god Bhiyankaha’ara, but offer little proof beyond their non-humanoid form. They possess starfish-like, tentacled bodies that grow from a central orb that contains both eye and beak. Most qua are friendly if not truly likable which usually makes other races confused over their own feelings given the qua’s grotesque visual appearance. Despite having a mouth qua do not use a vocal language, instead broadcasting and receiving communication via telepathy. All qua have access to the first three tiers of the Intelligence Merit Telepathy and never need to use Legend to fuel its use. In addition, qua possess an incredible resiliency, healing wounds at twice the rate of other races. Qua also gain the first tier of the Dexterity Merit, Onidexterity.


crafted.jpgTales speak of objects brought to life by the Gods and endowed with supernatural gifts. The Crafted are the rare examples of these creatures to walk among the mortal races. Some were created knowing their purpose for existing, but others are set to wonder the world guessing as to their purpose, much like the mortal races.

The types of Crafted are as numerous as there materials to make them out of. For this reason the crafted do not possess a static template. Instead, each crafted entity possesses unique talents and weaknesses unlike any other being in existence.

The rules for creating a crafted entity can be found here.


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