Characters that find themselves in situations wherein they may reproduce with a mortal roll 1d10.

  • A result of 1-5 means there is no pregnancy.
  • A result of 6-9 means the character in question becomes pregnant or impregnates his partner.
  • A result of 10, ensures a child and the character rolls again to determine whether there might be multiple children.

In a situation where two Legendary beings may reproduce, the creature of higher Legend rolls.

If both individuals are the same Legend, the individual risking impregnation rolls the die.


Fetuses feed off a mother’s supply of food, water and air. A mother’s tolerance changes depending on the age of the child:

First Trimester – no changes

Second Trimester – Starvation, Dehydration & Suffocation limits are reduced by 1/3.

Third Trimester – Starvation, Dehydration & Suffocation limits are reduced by 1/2.

The Child

When a child is born the mother may design the child as a would-be adult, then apply Age Category templates until the child is an infant. Any Attributes or Skills reduced to 0 in this process are instead reduced to 1.

If the child is a product of two Legendary individuals, then the child gains a Legend score equal to the average of the Legend score of its parents.

Divine Parents with Children

Children born to legendary creatures may be later tapped to become scions. At the moment that this occurs the child forever gain Attributes, Skills and Purviews associated with their divine parent’s 3 highest rated abilities in each category. In the case of a tie, the divine parent may choose which abilities are passed on.

A divine parent may later surpass the previously associated abilities with new ones. Children born before this occurs do not alter their associated abilities. Children born afterward gain different abilities.


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