Star Signs - Natures

Star Signs – Natures


No one per person is constant in their actions. Their moods, motivations and goals shift like the stars in the sky. So it was that the gods placed reflections of the twelve aspects of life into the sky, to remind the mortal races their own internal natures.

Each session a player draws three star-sign card at the beginning of the session from the star-sign deck. Each card lists the traits and Skills considered a part of your character’s Nature that session.

If the player succeeds at an action involving any of the abilities listed on a star-sign card, they may discard that card. If a player discards all three of their cards they may completely refill their Willpower.

Below are descriptions of the star signs:

Titles Skills Symbol
Cleric Persuasion, Occult a scroll
Clerics are protectors of mystic knowledge, preaching to the masses about the virtue of living in service to the divine. However, life behind a pulpit can lead Clerics to become hypocritical and self-righteous.
Judge Politics, Larceny a robed individual
Judges are the bonds that hold society together. They protect the weak and the innocent and say the things that many people are afraid to say. Yet danger lies in letting the Judge’s authority go to their head.
Physician Medicine, Empathy a mortar and pestle
Physicians can change lives with a single act of generosity or compassion and don’t expect anything in return. Sometimes, a Physician’s concern can be overbearing or suffocating, causing more harm than good.
Farmer Intuition, Athletics a plow
Farmers are hard workers who seldom complain. If there is a problem the farmer meets it head on. However, Farmers will often work themselves into an early grave seldom knowing their own limitations.
Rifleman Craft, Marksmanship a rifle
Rifleman are focused and particular. They have an eye for minutiae and are always looking to fine tune the world around them. Unfortunately, they are easily distracted and don’t always see the bigger picture.
Lamplighter Stealth, Intimidation a candle
Lamplighters are quiet and reserved. They fade into the background of society performing tasks without expectation of thanks or attention. As self motivators Lamplighters have a hard time taking orders preferring to be their own boss.
Bard Academics, Expression a flute
Bards can find a way to wring joy from the darkest of situations. At the same time, such a long pursuit of pleasure takes its toll. Many Bards flirt with deadly addictions that eventually grow to consume them.
Soldier Weaponry, Warfare a sword
A Soldier is willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of a higher purpose. However, other people can be sacrificed just as easily if the Soldier deems it to be for the greater good.
Ruler Etiquette, Science a crown
Rulers are leaders who look to bring everyone together and point them towards a common goal. However, it can be a lonely and self-destructive pursuit, as the ruler loses them-self in a bigger picture.
Apprentice Investigation, Brawl a book
Apprentices are youthful and full of a zest for life. They realize that the world is full of lessons to learn. In their ignorance Apprentices are usually the first ones to discover danger or get into trouble for breaking the rules.
Hermit Survival, Subterfuge a walking stick
Hermits possess an endurance and fortitude in the face of adversity that rises to the level of heroics. Sadly, it is a self-serving brand of heroism, as they will climb over the bodies of their friends in order to escape their fate.
Fisher Control, Animal Ken a fish
Fishers are daring souls who are at one with the world around them. They weigh the odds against them before committing to a course of action, often communing with others for advice..

Star Signs - Natures

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