Titanic Templates

At Legend 13 the scion may activate • and •• boons of their Empowered Purview without paying the requisite Legend cost. At each additional Legend level she gains the ability to fuel an additional tier of boons without cost.

However, the Primordial of a titan realm prevents access to two other purviews to prevent harm to itself. All damage done from Banned Purviews are considered penetrating. All contested rolls made against Banned Purviews are made with a die pool of half the size it would normally be.


Template Name

Empowered Purview

Banned Purviews

air.jpg Vaporous Sky Earth & Fire
chaos.jpg Disjointed Chaos Justice & Magic
creation.jpg Arl Inspired Innovation Chaos & Death
darkness.jpg Gloomy Darkness Fire & Sun
destruction.jpg Lethal Death Health & Sun
earth.jpg Stony Earth Sky & Water
fire.jpg Blazing Fire Sky & Water
light.jpg Radiant Sun Darkness & Water
order.jpg Logos Systematic Justice Chaos & Moon
water.jpg Aquatic Water Earth & Fire
zrvan.jpg Mercurial Moon Justice & Prophecy


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