The Divine Spirits of Heaven Power


Spirit Master

The Divine Spirits of Heaven are exactly as their name suggests, masters of the Spirit-realm. It is expected that all scions of the pantheon hone their relations with and powers over creatures of pure spirit. As a result, the Divine Spirits find that as their Legend grows, so too does their competency while affecting Spirits.

Cost: None
Action: None
Duration: Lasting
Any roll the scion makes that is either contested with or affects a target that exists entirely as Spirit gains bonus dice equal to the scion’s Legend Score. This does not effect ectoplasmic entities in Twilight, nor does it effect creatures such as other scions who are composed in-part of spirit-energy.

Spirit creatures who have possessed corporeal items and people remain legitimate targets of this power assuming the scion is aware of the spirit’s existence, such as with the Magic purview boon Spirit Sight •.

The Divine Spirits of Heaven Power

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