The Many Mortal Worlds

The Many Mortal Worlds


In the last days of the Old World many intelligent mortals and Spirits alike postulated in a universe of infinite possibilities. Each world would stem from a branching point in time and space to create two similar but distinctly unique universes.

The goddess Sharae has built a device that harnesses the concept once dreamed by those individuals and creates worlds in tandem to the once singular Earth. The gods are assessing the situation from their vantage point in the Spirit World (which was not duplicated.) They fear the unintended ramifications of self-duplication outside their own control and have thus opted to use scions as their envoys in the world to work their will and put an end to the current situation.

The gods haves described that each world has a particular color or key when perceived through the lens of Fate. Below are notes on what makes each of the duplicate worlds unique in relation to their counterparts.

Color Jewel Virtue Notable Residents Notes
B4 Purple Amethyst Prudence Sita,
& Whisper
1) Y; 2) Y; 3) Y; 4) Y; 5) N; 6) N; 7) Y
C5 Green Emerald Imbas 1) Y; 2) Y; 3) Y; 4) Y; 5) N; 6) Y; 7) Y
D5 Blue Sapphire Justice 1) Y; 2) Y; 3) Y; 4) N; 5) Y; 6) Y; 7) Y
E5 Indigo Lapis Mercy 1) Y; 2) Y; 3) N; 4) N; 5) Y; 6) Y; 7) Y
F5 Purple Amethyst Prudence most Scions and Demigods 1) N; 2) Y; 3) N; 4) N; 5) Y; 6) Y; 7) Y
G5 Red Ruby Conviction 1) N; 2) Y; 3) N; 4) N; 5) Y; 6) N; 7) N
A5 Orange Topaz Courage 1) N; 2) Y; 3) N; 4) Y; 5) N; 6) N; 7) N
B5 Yellow Citrine Devotion 1) N; 2) Y; 3) Y; 4) Y; 5) N; 6) N; 7) N
C6 Purple Amethyst Prudence Ukaleq,
& Saoirse
1) N; 2) N; 3) Y; 4) Y; 5) N; 6) N; 7) N

1) Was Sir, Salbert Zoloman set free?
2) Maintained diplomatic relations with Empress Talomin Ferel and Ka’Quania?
3) Alliance made with the The Crimson Viper and the Empty Hand?
4) Was the Undine Consulate Saved?
5) Is Count, Marth Yngval alive?
6) Was The One Who Dwells Below left alive?
7) Were the spirit-spiderlings left alive?

The Many Mortal Worlds

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