The Tribes




“Never Stop Learning”
Tinkers, Scientists & Archivists
The Ka’Quanian Empire is the oldest of the still standing realms of the new world. Long ago founded on the belief that knowledge equaled power, the ka’quanians worked at preserving the memories of the old world and improving upon them. This struggle to learn and push boundaries has earned the nation a stigma for being distant, reckless and emotionally cold. During the First War ka’quanian cities closed their borders and steadfastly defended themselves against both invaders and refugees. Now, as the shadow of war lifts from the land the ka’quanian people find themselves despised and unwanted beyond their own borders. Many believe that they have much to make right in the light of past misdeeds, while others continue a dogma of isolation and xenophobia.
Characters from Ka’Quanian tribes gain Control, Intuition, & Science as Associated Skills.



“Love Each Other”
Lovers, Poets, & Pacifists
The Litornan Kingdoms (both Old and New) have attempted to exist as nations in repose. They have done their best to live and let live, only to be seen as weak, useless and stubborn. The kingdom has long preached the benefits of pacifism, compassion and neutrality and has never raised an army, whether in offense or defense. As a direct result much litornan land was captured and claimed by the Protaran States during the First War, including the city of El Helai. Many people across the new world now see the nation as one in its twilight-years, ready for a fall or a revolution. In fact, there are a growing number of discontent who voice a desire to stir the embers of war and push for El Helai’s return to Litornan rule. Still, others more dedicated to the original spirit of the Litornan Kingdom attempt to defuse hate and rivalries that have grown from the world at war, hoping to find resolution through understanding and peace.
Characters from Litornan tribes gain Athletics, Empathy, & Academics as as Associated Skills.



“Respect the Earth”
Druids, Warriors & Criminals
The Old World Confederacy grew into the Protaran States, which is founded on the principal that humanity should act as defenders of the new world and the animals therein. In the early days of the new world the gods considered the protarans to be the most pious and devoted of mortals to continue in the act of divine worship. However, the call for defense grew aggressive and the protarans began a war of ideological cleansing that eventually forced the gods to interfere and put an end to the mortal conflict. Now the Protaran States stands at a crossroad of self-realization; punished by the gods are they to turn their backs on divine hypocrites or do they learn a new path in life, evolving past the foundations that made them great.
Characters from Protaran tribes gain Survival, Animal Ken, & Warfare as Associated Skills.



“Be Excellent”
Artists, Dreamers, & Engineers
Several smaller countries have risen and fallen due to poor planning and poor leadership only to be built into the foundation of the Zagathurian Empire. The empire’s populace is dedicated to self and community-perfection. “A zagathurian who does not excel, is not a zagathurian,” or so the saying goes. They are best known for the rediscovery and harnessing of black-powder weaponry shortly before the First War’s onset. While at first the technology was restricted, savvy traders have used the creation to line their pockets (and the nation’s coffers) with wealth enough to fuel the nation’s appetite for innovation. Whether the Zagathurian Empire expands into new utopia or crumbles beneath the weight of something greater than itself will depend solely on the choices of its people.
Characters from Zagathurian tribes gain Marksmanship, Expression, & Craft as Associated Skills.

Free Cities



“Watch & Learn”
Ascetics, Diplomats, & Researchers
Removed from the dry world the underwater city of Neatis has grown into a small metropolis of simple people. Neatians live quite unconcerned with the rest of the world, focused instead on keeping their city running. Undine technology has not advanced to provide the comfort that other races are used to on dry land, therefore life is more of a struggle. Hunting and agriculture are still very large aspects in the community and little has changed in the 500 years since the sky’s cracking. Some neatians provided naval assistance in The First War when bribed with baubles of the walking world, but the event did not otherwise register within their record books. However, there is a growing movement by the undine masses to better integrate with dry land races and ease their way of life.
Characters from Neatis gain Stealth, Persuasion, & Investigation as Associated Skills.

The Tribes

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