Virtue Description Extremity Description
Conviction To thine own self be true Ambition You and your beliefs are the only truth
Courage Standing up to impossible odds Bravado Taking upon oneself more than they can handle
Devotion Support a person, or a people Zealotry Those who you support are the only ones who matter
Imbas The ability to inspire through word, creation, or action Obsession That which you do to inspire becomes more important than the act of inspiration
Justice Uphold the Law, Punish transgressions Wrath Delivering judgement that outweighs the crime
Mercy Compassion and forgiveness of those less powerful Martyrdom Sacrificing what you need to help others
Prudence Knowledge is power Acedia Your knowledge hinders your ability to take action

Conviction / Ambition

What a scion says, and what a scion does can often be at odds. To a scion who espouses Conviction the world if full of hypocrites. Conviction is the quality of being steadfast in belief and true through action. A scion with conviction does not doubt themselves and aspires to accomplish goals despite opposition. Armies rally to the a speaker with conviction and regimes fall to patriots for the same reasons.
Those who have strong conviction find it hard to accept other beliefs or even to find compromise. Those presented with something that furthers their own agenda in any way may only disregard it by failing a Conviction roll.
Scions who live life with Conviction risk entering the extremity of Ambition. All things not of “the plan” fall by the wayside. Friends, family, even their divine status can be compromised to further their own Ambition. Heinous crimes and savage sins are committed in the name of one’s own goals while under the thrall of Ambition

Courage / Bravado

Running into battle against a foe of superior strength and choosing to withstand physical hardship instead of turning tail to run both require Courage. Scions who channel courage are the first into and last out of a conflict. A fear of death never enters a courageous soul’s mind before doing what needs to be done.
Scions who are considered courageous find it nigh-impossible to surrender to a foe or even accept aid when outmatched. The words “give up” simply do not exist to a those with Courage to spare.
Some who are courageous are also labeled foolhardy for courage that enters extremity become bravado. The scion believes them-self invulnerable and lets the world know it through grandstanding and showiness. They truly believe themselves to be unstoppable and will risk anything and everything until there are none around who cannot claim the scion’s magnificence.

Devotion / Zealotry

Scions are a part of the divine, so why should they not revere that which they came from and they which got them to where they are. Faith, prayer and dedication to something larger than themselves is of the utmost importance to a scion with devotion. The word of their pantheon and their worshipers is law.
Those with devotion are tied to their traditions and their customs finding it difficult to abandon the practices. The are buried by commitment and can only rarely embrace the new and progressive idea of an evolving world.
Devotion trains a soul and tempers it but can lead the soul to the dangerous extremity of Zeal. Scions who become zealots enforce their beliefs on others with fanaticism. Anything different or unaligned with the scion’s zeal risks death and destruction. Simply put there is nothing a scion with zeal will not do should those she is devoted to ask for it.

Imbas / Obsession

A scion with imbas is led to inspire the world. Through art, poetry, song and dance the scion attempts to elicit emotion, change and curiosity in the those around them. By giving form to their own minds-eye a scion with imbas can transform the world around them into a reflection of the perfection they perceive.
Those things created by artists, no matter the quality, are prized by scions with imbas for the simple existence. The thought of destroying such a creation is anathema to them. So too would be the act of interrupting the creation of such a work.
So hypnotic are the creations of those who channel imbas that the scions themselves can become entranced by their own creation. Like Pygmalion was to Galatea, an individual who enters imbas extremity become obsessed. That which the creation stood for is no longer of importance. Now instead the creation itself is to be revered, loved, and even worshiped. Those who refuse to perceive the beauty are laymen and are shunned by the creator.

Justice / Wrath

Those who bend and break the laws of man and god should be punished in kind. Criminals who have served a sentence or paid for their crimes are assumed to have learned from the error of their ways. Scions who espouse Justice hold these truths to be self evident. If the scion who follows the ways of justice offends the natural order they hold themselves to the same measure and expect to pay their dues.
Allowing offenders to walk free of punishment or to adjust the weight of punishment for any reason are tasks a scion with Justice find unbearable. Running from prosecution and lying to the arbiters of law are equally heavy burdens to anyone who believes in justice.
Some crimes are too atrocious to imagine and some criminals will never change. When this occurs a scion on the path of justice enters the extremity of wrath. While under this effect the scion is unrelenting in his punishment of the wicked. At times there can be no reparation for the injustices committed and will go to any length to prevent their repeat. Should a scion plagued with wrath see themselves as guilty they may seek to atone in any way they can.

Mercy / Martyrdom

All those who seek clemency for their deeds or succor to relieve their burden shall be given it. Life is hard enough without undue punishment to those unable to conqueror their own demons. Scions who preach mercy do so in pursuit of a world of love and kindness.
Scions who see suffering and pain cannot help but try to aid the downtrodden. All those who ask for forgiveness are given it. Killing without good for the greater whole is painful for the merciful to even consider.
When simply giving is not enough a scion may enter the extremity of Martyrdom. All that they have is in service to the needy. A martyr spills their own blood and empties their own bowl should even the slightest need arise. This can lead to both pain and suffering on the part of the scion, but it is their belief that divine should suffer in service to the world.

Prudence / Acedia

The path to excellence exists through wisdom. Scions who espouse the virtue of prudence know that knowledge is power. Without a foundation of understanding, prudent scions believe there is only failure ahead of them. By educating themselves and others around them a forewarned individual can be forearmed.
Scions who rely on prudence are often the last into battle, taking note of enemy patterns. Prudent scions also revere knowledge in all its form, going so far as to put themselves in peril to protect it against destruction. Preventing the enlightenment of the masses is also a cardinal sin to those who represent the virtue of prudence.
Despite its aid to those who use it, prudence can lead to problems when taken to extremes. Those who are afflicted with prudence’s extremity are cursed with acedia, a term meaning apathetic and slothful. Scions suffering acedia often see tasks as trivial or beneath them. Too much knowledge leads to indecision over which of the myriad of options available could be best. Those effected in this way choose inaction in the stead, believing it to be the smartest course open to them.


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