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Race Old Soul
Tribe Litorna
Background ???
Virtue Mercy
Languages New Litornan, Roïne, Zagathurian, Bestwik
Legend 1 point
Str ●○○○○ Int ●●●●○ Pre ●○○○○
Dex ●●●○○ Wit ●●●○○ Man ●●●○○
Sta ●●○○○ Res ●○○○○ Com ●●●●○
Athletics ●○○○○ Academics ●●○○○ Empathy ●●○○○
Stealth ●●●○○ Investigation ●○○○○ Etiquette ●●●●○
- - Occult ●●●○○ Intuition ●○○○○
- - Politics ●●○○○ Persuasion ●●○○○
- - - - Subterfuge ●●○○○
Skill Specialties
Stealth (Crowds) Occult (Cultural Beliefs) Persuasion (Pedagogy)
Physical DV 3 Mental DV 1
Size 5 Max Health 7
Speed 45 ft. Initiative 7
H. Jump 20 ft. V. Jump 10 ft.
Lift 50 lbs. Throw 5 (-obj) x5
Water 2 days Food 3 days
Sleep 2 days Breath 1 min.
Max Will. 5 Current Will. 4
Takes One to Know One
Item Cost Effect
Fashionable Clothing ●● Four outfits
Basic Clothing Two outfits
Occult Textbook ●● +2 on one occult check for a scene
Academic Textbook ●● +2 on one academics check for a scene
Politics Textbook ●● +2 on one politics check for a scene
Candle 10 candles. Spreads dim light for one hour.
Candle Holder To hold candles and prevent messes.
Flint & Steel Starts torch and lamp fires in one action.
Plain Ink 3 vials. Each good for a single story of use.
Fine Ink ●● 2 vials. Metallic-flaked. For important letters or gold stars for children.
Stationary Set ●● For writing personal notes or letters.
Trunk ●● A small trunk to hold Whispers personal effects.
Lock ●● A small lock for Whisper’s trunk.
Magnet ●● Non-iron magnet, to test for likely presence of iron.

Whisper as a Scion:

Strength ●○○○○ Presence ●○○○○ Intelligence ●●●●●
E. Str ○○○○○ E. Pre ○○○○○ E. Int ●○○○○
Dexterity ●●●○○ Manipulation ●●●●○ Wits ●●●○○
E. Dex ●○○○○ E. Man ●○○○○ E. Wit ●○○○○
Stamina ●●●○○ Composure ●●●●● Resolve ●●●○○
E. Sta ○○○○○ E. Com ●○○○○ E. Res ○○○○○
Conviction ●○○○○ ○○○○○
Courage ○○○○○ ○○○○○
Devotion ●●●○○ ○○○○○
Imbas ○○○○○ ○○○○○
Justice ○○○○○ ○○○○○
Mercy ●●●○○ ○○○○○
Prudence ●●●○○ ○○○○○
Athletics ●○○○○ Animal Ken ●○○○○ Academics ●●○○○
Brawl ○○○○○ Empathy ●●○○○ Craft ○○○○○
Control ○○○○○ Etiquette ●●●●○ Investigation ●○○○○
Marksmanship ○○○○○ Expression ○○○○○ Medicine ●○○○○
Larceny ○○○○○ Intimidation ○○○○○ Occult ●●●●○
Stealth ●●●○○ Intuition ●○○○○ Politics ●●○○○
Survival ●○○○○ Persuasion ●●●○○ Science ○○○○○
Weaponry ○○○○○ Subterfuge ●●●○○ Warfare ○○○○○
Skill Specialties
Stealth (Crowds) Persuasion (Pedagogy) Occult (Cultural Beliefs)
Physical DV 8 Mental DV 3
Size 5 Max Health 8
Speed 70 ft. Initiative 13
H. Jump 20 ft. V. Jump 10 ft.
Lift 50 lbs. Throw 5 (-obj) x5
Water 3 days Food 6 days
Sleep 3 days Breath 90 sec.
Max Will. 8 Current Will. 4
P. Perc. 25 ft. A. Perc. 250 ft.
Takes One to Know One None, Permanent When the scion perceives of of a lie being told, he is aware of the fact that it is a lie. He is not sure what the truth is, but the lie stands out as boldly as it was told.
Takes One to Know One ●● None, Permanent The scion is acutely aware of the behavior of others and can tell with a glance if someone is currently acting under the direction of another whether it be through the use of a Social Merit or a Boon. The offending cause is not evident, but the scion can tell how long ago the victim was effected.
Wealth ●● None -
Self-Healing 1 Legend, Instant, Lasting Convert all incoming lethal damage into bashing damage. Bashing damage in excess of the scion’s maximum Health boxes still wraps into lethal damage.
Omni-dexterity 1 Legend, Instant, 1 Action The scion may substitute her Dexterity in lieu of Strength when in engaged in a grapple. Additionally, the scion may automatically escape mundane bonds such as handcuffs.
Telepathy 1 Legend, Varies The scion may project a single thought into an individual who would normally choose not to apply their Mental Defense against this scion. If this scion wishes to use telepathic signals antagonistically, they must roll (Intelligence + Skill), subtracting the target’s Mental Defense. The projected thought appears in the recipient’s mind as the scion’s voice speaking in their native tongue. The scion must be able to precisely see the target of this ability.
Telepathy ●● 1 Legend, Varies This tier functions as the tier-one ability, but now the scion is able to determine what sensory data the thought is projected with. The scion may choose to send a single visual snapshot, a smell, a taste or even a subtle hint of the tactile sensation of something. The target is keenly aware of the origin of this new information and do not take it for phantom information.
Darkness ●● -
Health ●● -
TBD Probably either Community or Mystery
Mantle Mantle Darkness
Unukalhai ●● Follower Snake (Constrictor)
TBD Relic Grants access to Darkness (will be small or decorative)
TBD Relic Grants access to Health (Possibly Kjevlar, if allowed?)


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