Relics are weapons, armor, tools and vehicles that act as talismans and totems that assist a scion in their endeavors. They are often the first things gifted to scions by their divine parent as they help the scion harness their infinite potential. These powerful artifacts come in all shapes and sizes, but always possess something awe-inspiring when seen in action.

Up to ten dots may be spent on a Relic, and they need not all be purchased at once. Often a scion will learn secrets about their Relic as they advance in Legend.

Below are some options for building a Relic for your scion. The options below are just suggestions. If there is something amazing you want to see your relic do, speak with your Storyteller about designing it.

For rules on characters crafting their own relics, refer to the Crafting wiki page.


Rating Power
+1 Damage with this Relic
+1 on Attack Rolls with this Relic
Relic has an increased attack range equal to scion’s Legend x 15 feet
+1 Strength Requirement to use


Rating Power
+ 1 Bashing / + 1 Lethal Rating.
-1 Strength Requirement.
+1 Defense. Max +0
+1 Speed. Max +0
•• + 1 Aggravated Rating.


Rating Power
Access to a single purview
Summon/Dismiss Followers or Guides
Summon/Dismiss another Relic.
Replenish dead or destroyed Followers and Guides
Add owner’s Legend to any single (Attribute + Skill) roll
Once per day you may reroll as if using Legend. Do not use Legend or Fatebind when activating this ability.
Reduce penalty to -1 for a multiple action using this relic.
Infinite ammunition
Owner may change appearance of item, at will, to that of a single similarly sized item. Item only appears as other item, still exists as original object.
•• Add owner’s Legend to any single Skill roll
•• Relic restores its Structure points once per day
•• Relic may be used by Ghosts or Spirits
•• Relic is forgotten by all except owner after a scene in which it is used.
••• Add owner’s Legend to any single Attribute roll
••• Owner may use Blood or Ichor to fuel purviews through this Relic. 1 Lethal Damage = 1 Legend.
••• Allows communication through a particular medium at a range of scion’s Legend x 5 miles.
•••• Acts as compass to nearest type of Axis Mundi
••••• Open a portal into either Twilight, the Spirit Realm, or the Mortal Plane. Choose one when purchasing this ability.
••••• The relic’s spirit may act through the object.


Rating Power
Rating of Boon Mimic the effects of a single Boon
1 – 10 dots Owner may store Willpower within device for later use. For 2 Willpower, 1 Willpower may be stored to a maximum equal to the dots purchased for this ability.
1 – 10 dots Owner may store Legend Points within device for later use. For 2 Legend points, 1 Legend point may be stored to a maximum equal to the dots purchased for this ability multiplied by 5.
1 – 10 dots Owner gains the benefits (and penalties) of having bonus dots in a chosen virtue. For every 2 dots spent on this ability the Relic provides a single dot of a chosen Virtue.


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